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Create beautiful slideshows from your pictures and share them with your friends and family. Add your favourite music to the slideshow, add titles and subtitles of different size and colour to each image. Select from different transitions and timeouts. You can choose one of the built in backgrounds or add your own background. Choose from 30 different Picture Frames to enhance your images. You can play your slides one by one or randomly. The music player allows Shuffle, Loop, Back/Forward and Volume and Balance settings. Take new pictures directly from the app and share them with your friends as a beautiful slideshow, instead of manually swiping through them. All pictures taken from the app will be also saved to your pictures library. Create slideshows directly from your Image Library. Images added to the Library are added automatically to your slideshow. Save your complete slideshow to any external drive and share it with your friends. Set the sleep timer to stop your slideshow automatically. Set the alarm clock to wake up with your favourite picture and song in the morning.
  • Create Slideshows from Images of all common formats
  • Easily re - order your images by drag and drop
  • Add custom titles and subtitles
  • Adjust title and subtitle size, color and position
  • Choose from different transitions
  • Transition Random Mode
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • Add customer Backgrounds
  • Adjust Image Opacity
  • Create Playlists to play your favourite music with the slideshow
  • Comprehensive Music Player
  • Sleep Mode
  • Alarm Mode
  • Save your slideshows to any external drive and share them with your friends
  • Create slideshows directly from your Pictures Library
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